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Cosmetic & Aesthetic Surgery

Beauty is one major element of confidence. With the best in latest technology, Mitera’s Cosmetic Surgery department has a team of experienced technicians and cosmetic surgeons

The Department of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery at Mitera led by Dr. Jayachandran has a team of specialist surgeons with first-hand experiences in plastic and cosmetic surgeries. The department is supported by a dedicated team of specially trained healthcare professionals and uses the most advanced surgical techniques along with sophisticated equipment. Surgeons can reshape the appearance of body parts through cosmetic surgery. Some of the most common body parts people want to improve through surgery include: Breasts: Increase or reduce the size of breasts or reshape sagging breasts. Ears: Reduce the size of large ears or set protruding ears back closer to the head. Eyes: Correct drooping upper eyelids or remove puffy bags below the eyes. Face: Remove facial wrinkles, creases or acne scars. Hair: Fill in balding areas with one’s own hair
Abdominoplasty treatment is designed to improve the shape and tone of the abdominal region. Eye blepharoplasty, Reduces bagginess from lower eyelids and removes excess skin from the upper eyelids. Earlobe Repair, Bat ear Correction, Eliminate deformities in the ear lobes of a person.

The highly experienced and qualified team of experts, and the impeccable blend of technology and intelligence is committed to provide patients with unparalleled results at accessible prices.

At Mitera, we have an excellent track-record of success in high-end cosmetic surgery. The surgeries which will help to achieve the shape and look you always wished to achieve.

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Our Doctor

Dr. S Jaychandran


A renowned Plastic surgeon who has over 20 years of experience in the field of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery . The most advanced surgical techniques are utilised so that the best results are achieved.