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Gynaecology And Obstetrics

Our highly competent Obstetrics & Gynaecology Department offers comprehensive treatment and care for the special needs of women, and we are committed to the growing medical needs of women to provide the best care possible.

High success rate that promises ultimate joy of motherhood
Comfortable individual labour suites.
Specialised in preventive care and treatments for your well-being
General check-ups, Laparoscopy, Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding and Fibroids can be taken care.

Our highly experienced gynaec team is perceptive to the growing medical requirements of women and abreast with the latest technology, techniques and treatments available. We make childbirth and post natal period a smoother experience that you can enjoy every moment of it. Our advanced treatment modes and investigation procedures ensures your safety. We have a renowned specialist team that efficiently takes care of high risk pregnancies. The comfortable individual labor suites encourage the presence of the husband during delivery. We also offer water birthing facilities.

We provide all Gynaecological services with the help of latest techniques and minimally invasive procedures We take care of all women, from the cradle, to menopause, and we are one of the strongest advocates for women’s health. We are aware that all women have different needs, and we tailor our plan of care accordingly. We specialize in preventive care and treatments for your well-being. Our highly experienced medical team sees beyond your immediate medical needs and makes available holistic and seamless integrated care for the woman in you. All your requirements like general check-ups, Laparoscopy, Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding and Fibroids can be taken care of by our team.

Obstetrics/Gynaecology & Endoscopic surgery/Gynaec Oncology & Cancer screening/ Onco surgery/Specialized Fetal Medicine team/Special high risk pregnancy care centre/ Individual delivery suites with all amenities/Post natal classes/ Lactation classes

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In general, a normal menstrual cycle could be as short as 21 days or as long as 35 days. The average period generally lasts for three to four days, but it can be shorter or longer, that ranges from one to seven days. In the same way, the length of a menstrual cycle will not be same for every woman.

A menstrual cycle isn’t same for every woman. Women can experience many changes in their menstruation. Sometimes, the flow can be heavy or light. Periods can last for few days or a week; can return like clockwork or be less irregular. They could even be late or could be skipped. Some of these changes could be normal, while some could signal health issues. So, every woman has to be proactive and consult a gynaecologist if she observes any changes in her menstruation.

Adults under the age of 50 should get 1,000 mg of calcium every day. Over the age of 50, the amount goes up to 1,200 mg. The best way to get your calcium is in your food.

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