Dr. Jaipal Johnson

For over 40 years, I have been fortunate to enjoy the trust, support and encouragement of the good people of Kottayam. This has inspired me to make great advancements in my profession as an obstetrician and gynecologist. Now, I would like to take the opportunity to express my gratitude through the same professional means, by opening up a new world of healthcare for women and children. Mitera – which means “Mother” in Greek – symbolizes the environment of motherly love, protection and care we strive to create in this institution. This is implemented through three promises which I personally make to every individual who approaches us for care, or assistance in solving their problems.




With his acknowledged excellence and expertise achieved through four decades of dedicated work in the field, Dr. Jaipal Johnson, MD, DGO inspired the birth of MITERA.



MITERA, which means mother in Greek, is dedicated to the woman who have the gift of bringing life to earth. A woman deserves ultimate wellness and joy through all stages of her life and we at MITERA are committed to it. MITERA is a joyful and caring space devoted to a woman’s wellbeing and to hold her hand as she brings her dreams to life.


To be the preferred wellness centre for women and children delivering the utmost quality care and upholding the highest ethical standards.



To assure ultimate wellness to a woman through all stages of her life, and to endow her with the ultimate joy of motherhood

NABH Accredited

Mitera Hospitals private limited has been accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and healthcare providers (NABH) under the quality council of India.

This recognition is a milestone in our journey of contnuous quality improvement, and we shall always endeavor to achieve the highest level of ethical standards, quality care and service.

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NNF Accredited

Mitera Hospitals Private Limited is accredited with National Neonatology Forum to work with the field of neonatology ensuring quality health care to newborns. Our aims and objec&ves in Collabora&on with NNF are:

  • To encourage and advance the knowledge, study, and prac&ce of the science of neonatology in the country.
  • To draw out recommenda&ons for neonatal care at different levels.
  • To establish liaison with other professionals concerned with neonatal care.
  • To develop neonatal component of the curriculum for medical as well as nursing teaching.
  • To organize conferences, trainings, workshops.
  • To promote neonatal care in our region
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