Department of

Paediatrics Surgery

At MITERA we offer an array of comprehensive and specialty Paediatric services to ensure the wellness of your child.

At Mitera , the department of Paediatric Surgery is led by Dr. Sajan K Hanif. The department of paediatric surgery deals with all the surgical conditions in neonates and children, including congenital malformations( birth defects) and other conditions. We are well-equipped to provide services like Hernia Repair, TOF(Tetralogy of Fallot), Circumcision, Orchidopexy, Tongue tie release, Ano Rectal malformations, Appendectomy, Cyst Removal, Congenital & Peadiatric procedures and surgeries with utmost precision. NICU with Ultra-Modern incubators, Invasive and Non Invasive BP monitors, High efficiency ventilator support and many other ultra-modern facilities makes this department efficient and reliable to all. Mitera’s Neonatology Dept. are always equipped with 30 comfortable beds and 3 septic NICU beds. World class standard NICU facilitates treatments in a proportion of one nurse to one infant. Unrelenting interaction with parents and families of this little ones are considered as a major possibility of an emotional fulfilment for all of us here in Mitera.

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